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Zuly Matallana of Tiara (Dragon's Den Update)

Episode Summary

Zuly Matallana Re-invents Shower Caps

Episode Notes

For more than 15 years Zuly Matallana worked in large multinational companies to develop businesses by successfully leading teams to monetize market opportunities.

Now, Zuly is translating the skills she gained to become a successful entrepreneur. It started when Zuly recognized the need for a product to help busy women keep their hair dry while showering. Consequently, she found an opportunity to introduce a sustainable Shower Cap in a space traditionally dominated by single-use plastics.

The TIARA Shower Cap has not only been successful worldwide but has also gained a lot of media attention. Here are some highlights:

• Zuly “faced the fire” at Canada’s CBC TV Hit series Dragons’ Den securing a deal with Manjit and Jim.
• Gift Pick GMA 2019
• Spoke about her business to more than 3 million people on The View.
• In 2020, deemed a Must Have by Allure

TIARA’s newest haircare innovation, The Night Cap, sold out in less than 30 minutes. This gave Zuly the confidence to spearhead the brand. She is now innovating a line of functional products for women – with sustainability in mind.

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